Christian Life Magazine
June 2020

This month we celebrate in the Christian calendar:

01 JUNE – The Visitation
07 June – Trinity Sunday
11 June – St Barnabas & Corpus Christi
24 June – The Birth of John the Baptist
29 June – St Peter & Paul

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Ministry Letter
by Revd Ken Sambrook


Dear Friends
Today I sit in my garden as the dawn breaks to the chorus sweet bird song and the promise of a beautiful sunny day. Indoors however the radio news immediately reminds me of the troubles of this world. Indeed the regular reports of the persecuted and marginalised, in many ways, both here at home and in nations throughout planet Earth. The news today just as every day for months now headlined by the updates of the deaths and devastating sufferings by the ravages of Pandemic COVID -19.
This virus has embraced the whole world affected everyone to one extent or another regardless of wealth or poverty, power, size or culture.
We are an impatient people as we have grown used to controlling many aspects of our lives but now we continually ask ourselves how much longer, but no one on earth can provide an answer. It is such a change in what we not only hoped for but expected of the year 2020. Many will have had the year allocated to suit our personal family plans.
The days continue to go by and we ask ourselves how much longer?
Many of us will be working at our jobs either at home or in the workplace, some will be in school, some in isolation or shielding, some fit and well: BUT we are all vulnerable in some way and dependent upon true guidance.
We who fear the Lord as followers of Jesus, we continue to hold in prayer all people far and near who are suffering looses and we will continue in our prayers knowing that we are all children of God irrespective of nation, creed, culture or ethnicity.
Let us pose the question, could we on Ash Wednesday as we received our ashes cross have ever expected, the closure our church buildings.
We went into Lent with usual services until the 3rd Sunday. I do hope that you were able to continue your worship particularly on those special days Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter and Ascension and Pentecost as suited your situation both from the amazing presentations and the information put out by Rev Mike and Rev Paul for which we are most grateful by IT and Phone, or following your own way by the use of the weekly readings and prayers.
Our prayers too must continue to acknowledge and praise the Lord, for the many Medics, first-line staff, and all the people of Christ, Pastoral teams and Carers who help the housebound and lonely to bring comfort and peace all working locally and Missioners across the world who perform the very task of carrying the Gospel both in word and by action indeed.
We are up to date in the Church’s year at Pentecost but cannot predict when
“Normal Service” will be resumed, as the old TV SCREEN would display after a break down.
The fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 9 v1 and that is why Jesus promised we would never be alone and at Pentecost delivered the blessing of the Holy Spirit on his followers, who follow him obediently.

St John Henry Newman wrote of Pentecost
“Let not this sacred season leave us as it found us. Let it leave us not as children but as heirs and citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven”
Stay Safe
Yours in Christ Jesus

Live Streamed Worship each Sunday

Each Sunday from 10.30am we stream live on Facebook Live & YouTube, we’d love to have you with us – see below for the links. You can also use these links to watch again. We also have other midweek events including Bible Studies and Prayer Meetings via Zoom – please look out on Facebook and the News Blog for more information. 


Holy Days in June
Articles marked with an * are taken from Exciting Holiness which is available online for most saints days at:

01 June The Visitation *

The church recalls the visit of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth, as Luke’s gospel records. The celebration of the feast first occurred at a Franciscan Order General Chapter in 1263 but quickly spread throughout Europe. Since it is a celebration clearly described in the gospel, the churches of the Reformation were less inclined to proscribe it than they were other Marian feasts, particularly as it was the occasion for Mary to sing her great hymn of praise in honour of her Lord and God. Just as Luke sees John the Baptist as the last of the prophets of the old covenant, he uses John’s leaping in Elizabeth’s womb as the first time John bears witness to Christ as the promised Messiah. Thereby he links the old covenant with the new. He seems to be saying that just as the old covenant clearly points to Jesus, so does its last prophet, yet to be born.

07 June Trinity Sunday – taken from the C of E Times and Seasons

The Sunday after Pentecost came to be kept in the West as Trinity Sunday, although it was not prescribed as a universal feast until 1334. In a sense, every feast must be a festival of the Trinity, because the whole Trinity is at work in every moment of creation, redemption and sanctification; but Trinity Sunday provides a particular occasion to reflect on the revelation of God’s self as Trinity, immediately after the Great Fifty Days of Easter. The numbering of the following Sundays ‘after Trinity’ continues the practice of The Book of Common Prayer. 482

11 June – St Barnabas *

Though not named among the twelve apostles or the evangelists, Barnabas emerges in the Acts of the Apostles as one of the most significant of their number. He sold his estate and gave the proceeds to the Church, since all things were to be held in common, and clearly became a leader. He is described as a Levite from Cyprus so, like his friend Paul, was from the Greek world rather than that of Palestine, and he introduced Paul to the leaders of the Church in Jerusalem. He was sent to Antioch apparently to guide the Christians there in their relations with non-Jewish converts, promoting the concept of all being one in Christ. He broke with Paul to go to Cyprus and tradition has it that he was martyred there in the year 61.

11 June – Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is The Day of Thanksgiving for the Institution of Holy Communion

The Collect for the day
Lord Jesus Christ,
we thank you that in this wonderful sacrament
you have given us the memorial of your passion:
grant us so to reverence the sacred mysteries
   of your body and blood
that we may know within ourselves
and show forth in our lives
the fruits of your redemption;
for you are alive and reign with the Father
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever. Amen

24 June – The Birth of John the Baptist *

The biblical story of John, the son of Elizabeth and Zechariah, begins even before his birth. His leaping in his mother’s womb is seen as a great alleluia in anticipation of the birth of his redeemer, and the good news of Jesus Christ is related in all four gospels as beginning with John as Christ’s forerunner. He seemed to have a predestined rôle akin to that of the Old Testament prophets, particularly in encouraging the people of God to live lives worthy of their calling and in imminent anticipation of the coming of the Anointed One. In the tradition of the early Fathers, John was seen as endowed with grace from before his birth, and consequently the Church has always kept the celebration of this day with greater solemnity than that of his death.

29 June – St Peter & Paul *

Peter has often been called the ‘Prince of the Apostles’ because of the words of Jesus renaming him from Simon to Cephas. This was the Aramaic form of the Greek word Peter, which means ‘rock’. Jesus said that on this rock he would build his Church. But both Peter and Paul came to be seen as having different rôles to play within the leadership of the Church: Peter in witnessing to the lordship of Christ and Paul in developing an understanding of its meaning for Christ’s followers. Peter and Paul have been remembered jointly on this day since the very early days of the Church, it being regarded as the anniversary of their martyrdom in Rome in about the year 64.

Mark Tanner named as next Bishop of Chester

The Rt Revd Mark Tanner has been named by Downing Street as the next Bishop of Chester, succeeding the Rt Revd Dr Peter Forster who retired in September 2019.

Bishop Mark is currently the Bishop of Berwick in the Diocese of Newcastle, a post he has occupied since 2016.

“It will be hard to say goodbye to the North East,” he says, “however, Lindsay and I are really excited to return to Chester where I was ordained, and both of our children were born.”

Mark says: “It is an honour and a joy to be appointed to the Diocese of Chester at such a key time in the life of our communities, nation, and Church. In Christ, God offers a gift of hope beyond our imagining; there is no greater joy or privilege than enabling others to step into this freedom and life, whether in deeply practical service or beautiful wonder and worship. God is here for all.”

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We are keeping in touch and supporting each other in other ways as well.

Some members are still keeping up with the ‘blankets of hope’ for refugee children, which was an initiative started before the pandemic.
If interested, here’s the pattern: Using size 4.5mm needles, cast on 40 stitches. Work 70 rows in garter stitch (every row knit). Cast off. Easy peasy!! (If you can do basic knitting, like me!)
There are also many resources on the main Mothers’ Union page: if you are looking for something creative to do and to help others: mask strap pattern, homemade cloth face-covering pattern, scrub bag/laundry bag for scrub pattern. Also some colouring sheets.

I’ve taken the article below from their website to show the sort of initiatives which are taking place around the country to support the key workers:

Faith in action in Britain and Ireland
Even within these difficult circumstances, members are putting their faith into action in practical and useful ways. One of the most prominent activities our members have become involved with is the call to make scrub bags for the NHS.
92 year-old Margaret from Worcester thought her sewing days were behind her but has been delighted to join a Mothers’ Union sewing team, making scrub bags with the Worcester group. It has given her a renewed sense of purpose and a reason to get up in the morning.
Elsewhere, the emergency department team at York Hospital thanked Mothers’ Union in York Province for their recent kind donation of scrub bags. They said; “We can put our uniform in them after our shift and put them straight in the washing machine once home so there is limited contact with the uniforms. Thank you for thinking of us.

Even though we can’t meet in the usual way, we can still do so much and the Theme for this year: ‘Building Hope and Confidence’ couldn’t be more appropriate to the situation.
As The Most Reverend Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury says, “Mothers’ Union are the heart and love of the Church”.

Take care and see you sometime again in the future………………….
Sue Squirrell

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Our APCM was scheduled for 17 May, however, due to the Coronavirus, this has now been postponed.

The deadline for holding APCMs has been extended until the end of October, with current office holders (churchwardens, deanery synod representatives and PCC members) remaining in office longer than they would otherwise do so. It means Churchwardens and PCC members remain in office until the APCM, current deanery synod representatives remain in office until 30 November 2020 (instead of 30 June). 

A new date for the APCM will be given as soon as we know more.

Daily Hope

THE Archbishop of Canterbury has launched a free telephone line, Daily Hope, to give more people access to worship, prayer, and reflections while churches are closed.

Daily Hope has been available since Sunday and runs for 24 hours a day. It provides Church of England prayers, hymns, and reflections for those who dial in. The number is 0800 8048044.

Pastoral Care during this Crisis

Pastoral Care is as important now as it ever has been. However, it brings with it challenges that I’ve ever experienced in my 20 years of ministry.

From the beginning of this, I’ve felt that communication is the key to effective pastoral care. I’m really pleased that people have kept in touch with each other through existing networks. Paul and I have contacted people regularly by phone and email through this crisis and we’ve had great support back as well. Nothing is ever perfect, if we’ve missed you for whatever reason, please call me on 01270 665742 and let me know and I’ll add you to our list of regular calls or email. Revd Mike.

The Midweek
Get Together Wednesdays at 7.30pm

Each week Revd Mike invites you to join with him on Zoom for a get-together.
Each week there will be something different including a Bible Book Club, a Prayer Meeting, a topical chat or a discussion. Details will be posted on the News Blog & our Facebook Page.

Dai Woolridge tells the story of the early Church 
in just three-and-a-half minutes!

Christian Aid Week - Diocese of St Albans
Love never fails.
Coronavirus impacts all of us.
But love unites us all.

Many thanks to all who gave this year
We raised
through our Justgiving Page for Christian Aid
and more will have been donated directly


Wistaston Community Council News

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the Wistaston Community Council has taken the sad but necessary decision to cancel the Wistaston Village Fete due to take place on 20 June 2020 and also the Flower and Produce Show due to take place on 15 August 2020. Please see their website for up to date details.


The theme for World Environment Day, 5 June 2020 is biodiversity — a call to action to combat the accelerating specie loss and degradation of the natural world.

To find out how you can make a difference please click on the image to take a look at the tool kit. If there’s anyone from church who would like to look into what we can do as a church please contact Revd Mike.

Thanks to Tom Kemp for sharing this with us.


Giving Whilst our Church Buildings are Closed.

The Church is still open, as in the people, and we are doing all we can to keep the ministry alive and well. We rely upon giving and donations to provide care and support to everyone in this community. Now more than ever, please consider giving generously to support our mission and ministry. As a church, we still have more or less the same financial outlay and we’ve lost our income from lettings which will have a serious effect on our finances. Thank you to those who give each month through the bank – if you normally give via the plate each Sunday you can give securely via Give a Little by following the link below. If you’d like to give via online banking, which means we don’t lose the Fees, the details are below. You can set this up on your own online or phone banking unfortunately, we can’t process paper forms at this time. Thank you for your support. Mike (Rector)

Donate Securely


To give via the Bank:
Account Name: St Mary’s Wistaston PCC
Sort Code: 08 92 99 
Account No: 65067004
Ref: << your initial & surname>>

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